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Our regular guest pups have been screened for aggression, which helps ensure that all pups in our care get along, so everyone has fewer worries.

For screening and the first step, we send you a detailed questionnaire that includes questions about your pup's temperament toward other pups and in various situations. Based on our extensive experience boarding pups, we have a good sense of behaviors that will fit or not with our pack of regular pups, and if your answers about your pup make it seem as though the pup will be a good fit in our pack, then we will go ahead and proceed to the second step:  a meet and greet in our home so your pup can meet our pup (not our guest pups).  A meet and greet will give us a chance to further screen your pup for signs of aggression, e.g. face or neck biting/nipping other pups when they are being petted, and it will, of course, be your chance to screen us further, ask us any lingering questions, and see our setup. 


Sometimes, however, the pups may still not fit in with our pack or home if their behavior in our home turns out very different in ways that concern us for the safety of ourselves and/or the rest of the pack.  Another reason that we may discontinue care of any pups is if we find that your pup has multiple accidents, even after they have had a chance to get used to our home and be around the other guest pups.  These decisions, however difficult, are made in order for us to maintain the trust our clients have for the safety and care of our regular pups.


We have grown to truly love our regular pups, and work hard to be the best sitters!  We are heartened to see many of our regulars arrive, yelping excitedly and jumping with joy, and we hope your pups react similarly if they become part of the Canis Major pack!


For booking services, please provide the dates you are looking to board your pups.

Seattle, WA 98126

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