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Our Passion & Our Mission


Our business grew out of our love for all animals. We have been providing boarding and daycare services since 2017.

We understand the special bond between pets and their owners, and we want to encourage that kind of love in everyone. 

Pet ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind, we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us understands our obligations to keep everyone's pets happy and healthy. As a result of our hard work, our customers constantly tell us how happy they have been since finding us for their pet sitting needs. We just love when they share cute stories about the excitement their pups express when approaching our home.

The pup pictured above is our Australian Shepherd, Mickey. We have owned him since 2016 and he has come a long way since. When we adopted Mickey from a family that was unable to care for him anymore, he was distrustful of people and did not allow new humans to pet him. However, he has always been great and never aggressive with other pups. After living with us and meeting people almost every day, he realized that not all humans are scary and now he runs to people for pets! 

Mickey approves of our services and new pups that come for a stay and we're sure your pups will have a great time with Mickey! 

Contact us to set up a meet and greet with tour of our home! We think your pup will love us! 

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