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Visiting pups

Meet the pups behind Canis Major Pups. These are our most frequent guests who keep coming back for more pup fun! We love what we do, and make sure each and every pup is properly nurtured and loved. If you're thinking about using us for your pet sitting needs, we’re here for you!


West Highland Terrier

Charlie Is a very friendly Westie who loves people and other pups. He has been coming to us for a few years and is always excited to see us! He's a funny, easy to understand pup that is almost like a tiny human. He's always happy to see other pups and humans, alike! 

Charlie's hobbies include:

  • Cuddling with humans.

  • Barking at anything with 4 legs on TV.

  • Devouring Greenies

  • Napping

  • Exploring the backyard


Beagle Mix

Cooper is one of our best regulars. He's a cinnamon Beagle mix and is our most gentle and sweet pup. He has a big personality and is one of the sweetest pups with people and pups alike. He's our resident comfort pup who likes to stay near new, nervous pups to ease any nervousness they feel as first-timers. He's motivated by treats and cuddles.

Cooper's hobbies include:

  • Napping

  • Walking long distances.

  • Asking for extra petting time.

  • Searching for anything edible.

  • Comforting new, nervous pups. 


Carolina Dog (American Dingo)

What can we say about Loba? She is an amazing, energetic pup that loves people and other pups, alike. Loba is playful and looks for any excuse to play with other pups. She loves playing above everything else and has captured our hearts. Loba is fun fun fun! 

Loba's hobbies include:

  • Exercise of any kind.

  • Playing with other pups.

  • Meeting people.

  • People watching from the window.

  • Being outside as much as possible. 


Pitbull, Dachshund Mix

Khloe is definitely a people pup! She plays with pups for a short while but prefers to play with humans. She fetches, loves the water, and always chooses a favorite human in a household. Khloe never ceases to amaze us with how intelligent she is and always surprises us with new tricks! Once she bonds with you, she will follow you everywhere!

Khloe's hobbies include: 

  • Playing Fetch 

  • Playing with water from a hose.

  • Puppy pools

  • The beach

  • Creating her own fetching sticks.



Sunny is a sweet shy girl that is very energetic and playful once she warms up to you. Sunny gets along with all pups and loves being chased! She's great on walks and loves snow. Its become her new favourite thing! Don't let her shy and innocent looks fool you. She's actually very lively, determined, and courageous! 

Sunny's hobbies include:

  • Playing in the snow.

  • Cuddling with trusted humans.

  • Playing "Tag" with the other pups.

  • Bully Sticks

  • Snow! Definitely, snow. 


Boston Terrier, French Bulldog Mix

Cheddar has been coming to us for a couple of years and is always in a good mood. We have yet to see her upset with people or pups. She seems to love the company of all things, as she is just the sweetest pup. You can't help but smile every time you look at her, as she has a way of elevating your mood by simply being near you. 

Cheddar's hobbies include:

  • Napping on your lap.

  • Snoring loudly

  • Devouring Greenies

  • Basking in the sun.

  • Watching television

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